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Altea Hills: Serenity and Splendor on the Mediterranean Coast

Modern Architecture with Traditional Mediterranean Charm

Nestled amidst rolling hills overlooking the shimmering Mediterranean, Altea Hills boasts a captivating blend of modern and traditional Mediterranean architectural styles. Villas and apartments adorn the landscape, each embracing the region's distinctive whitewashed walls and terracotta roofs. With clean lines, soaring windows, and expansive terraces, these residences offer a breathtaking combination of comfort and sophistication.

From sprawling villas with private pools and lush gardens to elegant apartments with sweeping sea views, Altea Hills caters to discerning clientele seeking both privacy and convenience. The elevated location provides panoramic vistas that stretch across the coastline, offering a constant reminder of the area's natural beauty.

A Haven for Recreational Pursuits

Residents of Altea Hills enjoy access to a wealth of amenities. The renowned Altea Golf Club offers challenging rounds amidst scenic surroundings, while the nearby Marina Greenwich provides opportunities for yachting, sailing, and water sports. A short drive inland reveals picturesque mountain trails perfect for hiking, cycling, and rock climbing.

The local cuisine is equally enticing, with a variety of restaurants serving both traditional Spanish fare and international flavors. Altea Hills is also home to a bustling community center that hosts cultural events and activities throughout the year.

A Cosmopolitan Enclave

Altea Hills is a truly cosmopolitan destination, attracting individuals from around the globe. While the majority of residents hail from Belgium and the Netherlands, the community also includes a significant Spanish and Russian population. This diverse mix of nationalities contributes to the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that permeates the area.

The community's safety and security are paramount. A 24-hour security presence ensures the well-being of residents and visitors alike, offering peace of mind in an exclusive and tranquil setting.