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Villas and homes for sale in Altea

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Video Type Location Area Rms Ref
Villa Sierra de Altea Blanc Altea Homes 3295637.000 VSA216
Villa Altea Hills Altea Hills 6600 SOLD VAH121
Villa Altea Hills Altea Hills 5420455.000 VAH126
Villa Altea Hills Altea Hills 4222550.000 VAH113
Villa Mascarat Alto de Mascarat 53641.195.000 VMA102
Villa El Albir Villas Perseo 4489840.000 VEA105W
Villa El Albir El Albir 4300598.000 VEA102
Bungalow El Albir El Albir 3192 SOLD BAL100
Bungalow Altea Villa Gadea 42901.050.000 BVG104
Bungalow Altea Hills Altea Hills 290189.000 AUS01

 1-10 / 70


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